Because you want a real partner who knows your company


Because you want to be sure

There are hundreds of human beings and countless megabytes of data between your applicant and the truth. Even in the best scenario, human error exists, and even if your applicant is not a master of deceit, there can be gaps and omissions, court snafus or even transpositions of numbers somewhere in the chain that could lead to a "clean" report on a less-than-clean applicant.

We challenge any other player in this business to more thoroughly, comprehensively and painstakingly avoid and mitigate error, double and triple checking our , so that the risk of a faulty report is miniscule. From the way we design our systems, to the way we screen our court researchers, to the quality assurance methods we apply here in our Worthington, Ohio office, we are all about being sure.

Results? Our record...(NEEDS WORK)

Because you don’t need to be leaving work an hour later than you already are

Positions that include HR responsibilities are particularly taxing due to the sheer quantity of information and the ever-changing landscape of human beings for whom you are responsible. Most HR folks feel a lot like Lucille Ball in the candy factory -- if only the conveyer belt would stop for a minute, I could catch up!

On of the key roles we want to play in your life is to make your job simpler, minimize the "What the heck?" moments at your computer, and maybe even allow you to leave empty-handed when you close the office door. At 5:00, not 6:30.

Once we have selected or custom designed a package together, we estimate about a two hour (training) "onboarding" time, after which you will be comfortable using the system, knowing the options, the process, and how to interpret results. We speak HR, and we will make this one less thing to frown over and let the Affordable Care Act take up the slack. (Um, you're welcome).